Struggling With a Narcissist in Your Life?



A simple step by step PROVEN PROCESS developed by a top 1% attorney who UNDERSTANDS narcissists so you can FINALLY get justice, freedom and peace.

🚀 Your Negotiation Toolkit

🚀 Use with your lawyer to save fees

🚀 Powerful framework to get relief


Are you feeling like a narcissist in your life is getting away with everything?

Like everyone is believing their lies and you can NEVER WIN!


  Watch THIS 👇to Find Out How to Take Back Your Power from the Narcissist from Rebecca Zung, Esq.



Introducing SLAY Your Negotiation™ With a Narcissist

Slay™ Your Negotiation with a Narcisisst is a battle-tested & proven blueprint to beat narcissists and get what you want.

Are you ready to shift the dynamic and go on the offensive instead of constantly feeling like you're on the defensive? Then this is for you!

Rebecca walks you step by step through how to ethically manipulate the manipulators into giving what you want.

Discover how to create a real strategy and leverage so that you can be two steps ahead of the narcissist at all times.  

It's Time to SLAY

Finally stop being a victim to their narcissistic rage, gaslighting, and trauma, by turning the tables and being the one to control the process
S.L.A.Y. is actually the framework, the methodology, the GPS:

   S stands for having a Super Strong Strategy,
   L stands for having invincible Leverage,
   A means that you will be Anticipating what the narcissist is    doing and being 2 steps ahead of them at all times, and
   Y stands for focusing on You and your side. 

Helping People Just Like You Break Free Every Day...

See For Yourself...


"It saved us a lot of money!"

-Sharon Scott

They said our legal fees would have been double without SLAY. We saved ourselves over $200,000 in legal fees!!


"Get your lawyer to see what they need to finally!"

-David Chatfield, Esq.

SLAY helps lawyers get on the right by showing them what they need to see. It helps you organize your notes and your documents. Most lawyers don't know what a narcissist is. They just don't understand that they are not dealing with someone who is not a normal person. SLAY gets them to see it.


"I now know how to push back without fear!"

-Victoria Evans

My favorite parts of the program were the packet to hand my lawyers, the documentation section and the 50 Key Phrases for Disarming Narcissists. I feel stronger than ever and now know how to push back without fear!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.9 stars (500+ reviews)

So Why Do You Need SLAY?

Lawyers know the law. But 99% of lawyers don't understand narcissism. I didn't until I had a narcisssistic business partner.

YOU are the one who has to organize the facts, the documentation and create the leverage.


PLUS you are the one who has to DEAL with the narcissist on a daily basis.

You don't just need to know you're dealing with a narcissist. You need REAL TOOLS, SCRIPTS, STRATEGIES, AND RESOURCES for getting where you are now to where you want to be AS FAST AS POSSIBLE for as little money as possible.

That's what SLAY Your Negotiation does. Help your lawyer help you.

Help yourself.

Break free.

Win. Get your life back.

Get the Secret Fast Track to Breaking Free

With this Proven Toolkit for Beating Narcissists

It's the difference between the 99.9% of what most attorneys don't know

and what you will find out from this program.

Without the SLAY Program

  • You have a lawyer who doesn't get narcissists

  • You spend way more money

  • No end in sight because of narcissists' games

  • Narcissist continues to run the show

With the SLAY Program

  • Lawyer gets what's happening

  • You create a winning, proven strategy

  • You save tons of money in the process

  • You get your power and life back right away

Are You Ready to Feel the Opposite of Hopelessness?

Then Start SLAYing the Narcissist Today!

  See what our students have to say...

Our community has over 6,700+ students, in 50+ countries, and in every state in the U.S.


  • You are ready to get rid of that narcissist in your life and take your power back

  • ​​You are ready to stop feeling manipulated and you hate conflict

  • ​You want real results from the most demanding people without struggle and effort

  • ​You're sick of being devalued and unrecognized 


  • ​​Because you're going to love when you feel like you are the one who controlling the negotiations with narcissists and driving the outcomes.

  • ​Because you know how amazing it will be when one of your best friends come up to you and says “wow you look amazing - lighter, free, and full of life.

  • ​​Because you're going to love when you have transformed your relationship with conflict.

You're going to love SLAYing YOUR LIFE! That's why it's important you TAKE THIS STEP!


  • ​​4 HOUR COURSE: SLAY Your Negotiation Modules &Workbook ($6,000 value)

  • BONUS 50 Key Phrases to Disarm Narcissists ($1,000 value)

  • BONUS Documentation at a Glance ($5000 value)

  • BONUS Magic Bullet Leverage, Samples, and Template ($5000 value)

  • BONUS ​I-See-Everything-Timeline, Samples and Template ($2500 value)

  • ​BONUS Make-My-Lawyer-My Ally Packet ($2500 value)

  • ​BONUS Special Module - NLP Training with Mike Zeller ($5000 value)

  • BONUS ​​Exclusive Private Community (priceless)

  • Money-back guarantee* (100% risk-free investment)

Everything you need to beat the narcissist, take back your power, then break free!


BONUS #1: 50 Key Phrases to Disarm Narcissists

If you’ve ever tried to disaram a narcissist on your own, you know how hard it is! This is the HOLY GRAIL of disarming narcissists! There is nothing else out there like this. This is worth the entire program alone.


BONUS #2 Documentation at a Glance

12 Ways to Document - the incredible handy dandy guide to remind you what you should be documenting. Carry it with all the time!


BONUS #3: Snuffing Out the Bluffing Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet gives you eight ways to know if someone is bluffing. Save yourself headache, time, and money by figuring out right away if the other side is negotiating in good faith.


BONUS #4: Magic Bullet Leverage Samples & Blank Exhibit to Fill in

You'll get samples of leverage - more than 40 examples! PLUS you'll get a “copy and paste” template you can use to effortlessly fill in… without wasting thousands in additional attorneys' fees.


BONUS #5: The I-See-Everything Timeline Samples and Blank Template to Fill in For Your Own Use

You'll get a “copy and paste” template
you can use to effortlessly fill in without having to waste thousands in additional attorneys' fees. That's parts already done for you.


BONUS #6: Make My Lawyer My Ally Package

Are you tired of feeling like your lawyer doesn't understand narcissism? Most lawyers don't! This is a 5 page packet filled with information on narcissism; do's and don't of litigating and negotiating with narcissists. Stop your lawyer from spinning their wheels and wasting your time and your money.


BONUS #7: NLP Interview Removing Psychological Barriers to Success

And HUGE additional bonus for you that I am adding in here for you. An whole extra entire module of training with Mike Zeller, who is a specialist in neurolingistic programming. In this module, he is giving you an entire training on how to remove psychological barriers to your own success. This is absolutely priceless - and I don’t offer this anywhere else.

  See What Judge Lynn Toler Says About Rebecca

  • Are you ready to have peace in your life while also being in control and directing outcomes with toxic people

  • Do you hate conflict but you're also tired of feeling powerless and manipulated?

  • Do you want to be able to set aside the struggle and interact with that difficult person and still feel in flow?

  • You want to end the feeling of being jerked around and fatigued by their games? 

  • You don't want have to spend money that you either don't have or would rather not waste and still not end up nowhere.

  • ​​Have you been feeling overwhelmed or maybe even paralyzed about how to strategize, constantly feeling like you're on the defensive?



  • And what if I told you that I've figured out the secret sauce on how to get them to back

    down?  That you only need one framework.


  • ​​I've helped thousands of people go from lives of drama, trauma and chaos to step into lives of freedom, possbility and purpose.

  • ​I can help you too. Get started below.

More About Rebecca Zung, Esq.

Rebecca Zung is a one of the Top 1% of attorneys in the nation, having been recognized by U.S. News one of the Best Lawyers in America.  She’s also a globally recognized Narcissism Negotiation Expert (more than 35 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube in 2 years) and the creator of the SLAY® negotiation method.  She is the author of the upcoming book SLAY the Bully:  How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win (foreword by Chris Voss) and  TWO bestselling books, Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.:  The Sure Fire Method to Step Up and Win (foreword by Robert Shapiro) and Breaking Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom.  Rebecca’s perspectives are in high demand by television and print outlets, as she has been featured in or on Extra, Forbes, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Time, Dr. Drew, Ed Mylett’s Podcast among others.   Rebecca’s podcast, Negotiate Your Best Life is ranked in the top .5% of all podcasts globally.  She, along with In-N-Out Burger owner, Lynsi Snyder Ellingson, is also the founder of a 501c3, Slay Legal Aid, which provides legal aid to those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I see results from this program?

That all depends on your current situation, your ability to execute and take focused action, and many other variables. This is a four hour program but you can watch it in parts and execute at any stage and use whatever parts you want at any stage you want. You can also rewatch at any time and have lifetime access to the program.

Does this work for anyone?

Yes we have worked with thousands of people in countries all over the world. This does not address specific laws but rather addresses negotiation strategy and tactics which work for all humans all the planet who are narcissistic or toxic. 

What if I am already done with a legal case with a narcissist but still fighting?

If you are still negotiating then this will definitely help you at any stage

How is this different than Rebecca's books?

This is much more in depth than Rebecca's books.

I can't afford this program. Is there anything you can do for me?

Yes. We can offer you a payment plan so that you can pay this over time.

And if you can't afford a payment plan, I think you would agree that you need this program more than anyone. In fact, some of my most successful students have had their back against the wall financially when they started (as did I).

So I want you to eliminate the thought "I can't afford this" and instead replace it with "How can I afford this?" It is less than one hour of an attorney's time and used properly, it can pay for itself almost immediately. Remember that in cases where narcissists are involved, the fees are often nearly four times higher! We do offer PayPal credit financing and take all major credit cards. Think of this as an investment into your new beginning and new future.

No more victim mentality. Time to SLAY! 

How much time do I need to do SLAY?

The video modules are about 4 hours in total but you can watch them when you need to and at your convenience.

They are in bite sized formats and you can come back and rewatch at any time. You will also need to set aside time to do the work required in the modules.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is dealing with a narcissist! 

 This is for you if you are dealing with a narcissistic husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, father or mother of your child, business partner, boss, colleague, employee, employer, client, family member, trustee, or whomever or whatever your situation is. 

 If you are negotiating with a toxic person then this is the program for you. 

How is this program different from others?

This program is different in multiple ways.

This program is so completely and totally effective because I understand the fundamentals of the personality type you are dealing with. There is no other plan, no other program, no other system designed by a top attorney that gives you the framework for exactly how to deal with a narcissist in a negotiation setting and actually get what you want.

This is a rock solid methodology.

The exact GPS to take you from feeling helpless and abused to feel confident and powerful.

If you’re ready to start living the life you want to live - get Slay Your Negotiation With Naricissist today.

Need help? Or have furthur questions?

Contact Support:

*When You Purchase Slay Your Negotiation with a Narcissist Today You'll Be Protected By Our Standard 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We also want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. Your risk is ZERO. If for any reason you’re not satisfied and you have completed the program and diligently applied the action plans provided, just demonstrate that to us and we’ll give you all your money back, no hassle.  Read our full refund policy for more information. 

Please note this disclaimer, and terms and conditions: while Rebecca Zung is a licensed attorney in the state of Florida in the United States, the information provided here shall not be construed as legal or psychological advice. For advice specific to your situation, please consult a licensed attorney or psychologist in your specific jurisdiction.

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